A higher perspective on Corona Virus
March 14, 2020
Guys, I’ve been laying a little low on the COVID-19 front, and with good reason. Where attention goes energy flows. Always remember that. While my first and foremost statement is to follow the advice of all governmental and regulatory bodies I’m going to add some perspective here to what’s really going on and what we can be doing about it from an energetic point of view.
The core frequency of ALL disease is fear. In a vibration of pure love and higher connection there is absolutely no way this frequency would even exist.
And yet it has made it’s way into physical manifestation…
What’s NOT helpful at this time is to go into fear. There’s a big difference between being informed versus buying into fear and drama. 
Be informed, yes, but do not go into fear.
If you feel yourself getting caught up in fear and drama please take a moment to breathe and calm your nervous system. 
I’ve looked into the energetic layer of what’s really going on here and this is a classic case of fear that’s attempting to create a self-fulfilling prophecy. If we choose to hold a higher frequency then nothing happens and the virus goes away. 
We are being asked at this time from our higher dimensional friends to stay as calm as possible internally so this wave of frequency can pass through our atmosphere with as little impact as possible.
Unsurprisingly, all the promotions materials are saying things like “be ready to fight” but please, we are not fighting anything. Any frequency of fighting/war/combating or any other warrior type of energy has the secondary effect of adding energy to the very thing you are trying to prevent. It is counterproductive to the desired outcome The key here is TRANSCENDENCE. 
Every lower vibration has a frequency that when you hold your vision and alignment to that higher frequency the lower frequency enters into a state of transcendence. For this virus this transcendental frequency required at this time is the vibration of the 6th dimension. You can attune into this frequency through some of these images. 
Saturn has been holding a 6D vibration for a while now. This is an image of the Saturn hexagon.

Image: Wikicommons

Honeybees and golden hexagons are great for attuning to this vibration as well.

Image: used with licence

I've been working with this frequency at the energetic layer for a while now. Even this post is coming to you from the 19th floor of a hotel in Brisbane. It's all connected. I'm anchoring 6D light through the 19 alignment as we speak. I did 10 days of cleansing and immune strengthening protocols including drinking colloidal silver (transcendence), and adding more chilli, ginger, turmeric and garlic into my diet before travelling knowing that I would need the golden frequencies in my body while I'm here. I'm currently colon cleansing and water fasting as well to help my body anchor these higher dimensional vibrations here. 

As I was out walking around city centre of Brisbane earlier today I started focusing on anchoring the 6D vibration through Queen Street and the moment I started visualising the 6D hexagon rings of light around me a golden honeybee came in out of nowhere and was hovering around me for ages, helping me to bring this energy through :).

Every frequency, every creation, at some point existed in it’s pure source alignment. When certain frequencies move away from that connectedness they can enter into a more duality focused existence but the truth of all things that exist in this universe is that it all comes from source. When we visualising something in it's wholeness in that moment we create that reality to be true.

This is the same principle that I teach in my Origin Activation training which allows people to experience instantaneous healings. When we view all the cells filled with light in their pure perfect state of source frequency that visualisation creates that reality to be true in that moment. When you hold it with enough faith and steadfastness then the vision can manifest into physical reality instantly and people can shift immediately.

I've been shown a particular geometry for us to visualise in our cells at this time. Star family have called it the "Golden Butterfly Star" practice.

You can visualise this geometry radiating golden white light through your cells.

Image: I made it :)

I've often seen healthy cells holding strong robust boundaries while sick cells are all shrivelled up. This Golden Butterfly Star practice brings light from within the cell extending outwards to hold the energetic integrity of the cells, stabilising with the 6 golden-white rays.

This an image of a healthy vs sick cell...this is pretty much how I see it energetically as well.

Image: researchgate.net

I've also been told at this time to take gold internally so I've ordered myself colloidal gold. I was fortuitously gifted a body scrub containing 24k gold flakes just the other day too...how's that for a little divine providence :)

Image: ebay user 'liquidbullion'

I'm not telling you to copy everything I'm doing but please tune in to the wisdom of your own body and respond to what you are being asked to do at this time. Bring yourself into a calm state and embody transcendence. Visualising golden frequencies and the Golden Butterfly Star practice will definitely be helpful to you at this time. 
Remember - WE ARE OKAY!! Everything is fine. Let’s all hold a higher frequency and we’re all going to get through this just fine. 
In love & higher light,

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Adam Stockdale

Awesome 😎 thanks 🙏 🐝

Jennifer Muller

Beautiful. Thank you.

you're welcome Jennifer :)

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