White Wings & Feathers
April 22, 2020
A big wave to YOU my lovely reader!
How are you?
Where are you at?
What a crazy world we live in right?! 
We are in such interesting times right now.
The energies have been shifting incredibly fast and the last couple of months have definitely been quite the whirlwind for some. 
Want some good news though?
No matter what happens, I know that we are so well looked after by our amazing star family and all the higher dimensional beings who are working very hard behind the cosmic scenes to assist this massive vibrational shift that we’re experiencing. 
Let this be a message of hope and a reminder to step into trust, surrender and flow at this time.
Here’s the latest of where my cosmic focus has been these past few weeks…
It was mid-May and I was on my way to a retreat in the Sunshine Coast (for those of you outside of Australia - that’s on the northern east coast of the country). This was just around the time the CV-19 stuff was really starting to come to the forefront. Businesses had started shutting down and people were starting to freak out. 
At that time, I tuned in to see what I needed to do to support this process. Suddenly, I got this vision of a phoenix rising from the flames. Right there, while I was on a bus to my retreat, I received a massive download of a program I had to create to support people to rise above the fear.
While on retreat I had a very powerful meditation where I saw myself inside the Queen’s Chamber in the Pyramids of Egypt. I found myself in a room with 3 arches drawn on the floor. On the other side of this big room was another doorway. I walked across the arches on the floor and through the doorway where I found myself in another big room. This room was filled with bright white light, so bright that it was almost blinding. There was a set of stairs leading up to a large arched gateway. The light was coming from within the gateway. At the top of the stairs was the Egyptian Goddess Isis, adorned in a long, white, silky gown and jewels. Through the archway, I saw a bright golden-white Phoenix surrounded by light. Isis was standing at the edge of this portal holding a staff with a very distinct hook shape. A quick Google search afterward showed me it’s a classic Egyptian crooked-staff.

Image credit: I drew this...can you tell?

Crooked Staff. Image: enadademic.com

A few days later I arrived back in Perth, just in time before state borders closed. By this point, we were just days away from the 4-4-4 Gateway which carried through the 4th & 5th of April. Meanwhile, I was speedily executing my plan to launch the program that I had been guided to create. 
I called it “Phoenix Rising”. 
Phoenix Rising was a 30-day catalyst program full of daily activations and transmissions to quickly raise people’s frequency and help bring them out of a fear vibration and back into a higher love frequency. The intention behind the program was to support souls who wanted to assist planetary ascension yet might need a little help and guidance to get there. 
I could really feel the strong energies of rebirthing behind the program, a frequency that connected both with the Phoenix and also with the upcoming Easter energies in the second week of April. The first of April arrived and I launched my program. Guess how many people joined?
Exactly 44!
Not 43, not 45…not any other number...exactly 44 souls said YES and joined in to raise their vibration just in time for the upcoming 444 Gateway. 
That was a pretty good sign to me that this program was in total alignment with the current planetary flows. 
Adding to that layer of synchronicity, on the 2nd of April, I suddenly felt inspired to go visit the YouTube channel of one of my favourite YouTube artists. She goes by the name ‘The Art Sherpa', and sometimes I like to watch her acrylic painting tutorials. On that particular day, I went onto her channel to see what her latest releases were. As I was scrolling through their videos I thought to myself, “Hmm, I wonder if she’s got a Phoenix one”. Sure enough, I’d barely finished the thought in my head and scrolled down a couple more videos and there it was! A phoenix themed painting tutorial was waiting just for me. 
I clicked on the link then realised that it was a scheduled premiere that hadn’t aired yet. Can you guess which date it was scheduled for?
Exactly 1am on 4-4-4 in my time zone!
How perfect is that?
 Credit: The Art Sherpa, YouTube

Synchronicities like this remind me of how connected everything really is. The macrocosm and microcosm are all reflecting and co-creating with each other. (If this concept is totally new for you you can watch this video about the Macrocosm/Microcosm).
The 4-4-4 gateway came and went and the Phoenix Rising course was doing its thing. On the 3rd of April, leading into the 4-4-4 gateway, I led a meditation focusing on activating our Merkaba Lightbody and the Resurrection Chakra. This was all connected with the Christ Consciousness energies that were flowing strongly through Easter weekend. 
Here’s a refresher on those beautiful Christ energies. I took this photograph leading into Easter 2018. 

Photograph by Eesha Patel

 And here is 2019's Easter Post. (They're all connected!)

2 nights ago, as I was going to bed, I recieved a very vivid image of a white peacock. It was so real I could practically feel its feathers in my face. 

Image: Uros Petrovic, Flickr

This morning I searched online for “peacock galaxy”. My search led me to the ‘Pavo’ constellation. Here’s the Wikipedia listing:
Can you see how this is connected with the Phoenix energies?
Yes, the bird (Carian) energies are coming in very strongly right now! Particularly for those of here in the Southern Hemisphere the ‘Southern Birds’ are flying in strong!

Here are our beautiful birds in the sky:

We have Grus the Crane, Pavo the Peacock, Toucana the Toucan, and Phoenix (the Phoenix).
Image: Keluzi, Pinterest

So there ya have it guys! This is the latest and greatest in current cosmic energies.
If you find yourself out on your veranda, balcony or backyard at night do look up and say hi to our beautiful Carian bird friends.

 Image: NASA

Who knows, they might just drop you a little white feather as they wave back ;). 

With love,
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Magali Frederic

I pick up bird feathers at the park all the time, I have box full of feathers at home. Thank you for sharing Eesha xx

Carolyne Harris

That will explain all the feathers i have been made aware of.. beautiful

lovely Carolyne :)

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