Ruby Ray & White Ray of Peace
June 01, 2020
Hey beautiful souls,

If you're new here - welcome! Everyone else, it's always a pleasure and thank you all for doing what you do for our planet. 

Right now on this planet there is a major uprooting of all all energies relating to anger and war. The entire matrix of war energies is dissolving. Unfortunately, it's not going down without a few repercussions. 

EVERY frequency that exists within this duality realm has a transcendent frequency that can be used to energetically transform a lower vibrational frequency into a higher octave of love-based vibration. 

The transcendent energetic frequency for anger is the Ruby Ray. This beautiful red coloured frequency transforms anger, rage and hatred into higher frequencies of cherishment and endearment. 

The transcendent frequency for all war energies is the peaceful White Ray. 

Together the red and the white merge to create a soft higher dimensional pink ray carrying a tenth-dimensional frequency of higher heart love and healing. 

To all those who wish to join in sending healing light to the planet you can join me by doing this simple visualisation process. 

Begin by taking a few deep breaths and calm your body and nervous system. Take a few deep heart breaths. Then follow these steps:

1) Visualise the whole earth surrounded by ruby coloured light.
2) Visualise white light radiating out from the centre of the earth. See the whole planet filling up with this white light from the inside out.
3) See the white light merging with the red light around the earth until the whole earth and it's entire energy field is bathed in a soft pink light of love.

Hold this visualisation for 3-5 minutes or until you feel like you've finished. The image below shows you the frequency of colours we are working with. Do this as many times as you like daily. 

Please share this process far and wide with anyone who is willing to energetically participate in the shifting of earth frequencies at this time. 

It is so, so important for us at this time, particularly those of us that are in the space of lightwork, grids and creation of new earth paradigms to hold the most unified vision of creation that we can.

Thank you and many blessings to you and big gratitude to all who choose to partake in this energetic process for the planet.

❤️ 🌎 

With love,

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