Premium Activation Suite by Eesha Patel

Premium Activation Suite

What's included?

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Lily Heart Meditation
Lily Heart Meditation.m4a
15 mins
7-7 Activation
7-7 Activation 2018.m4a
48 mins
Manifestation for 2020
How to use this process
Manifestation for 2020 .mp3
15 mins
Grounding Meditation
Grounding meditation 2 - V2.mp3
16 mins
Lion's Gate Activation Meditation
Lion's Gate Activation Meditation 2018.m4a
53 mins
Fairyland Guided Meditation
Fairyland Guided Meditation.mp3
18 mins
Merkaba and 7D Light Activation
Merkaba and 7D Light Activation with Eesha Patel.mp3
39 mins
Smiling Heart Meditation
Smiling Heart Meditation.m4a
10 mins
Trinity Threefold Activation
Trinity Threefold Flame Activation Card.png
387 KB
Trinity Threefold Heart Flame Activation.m4a
14 mins
Journey to Venus
Journey to Venus.mp3
22 mins
Meditation for Transcendence
Meditation for Transcendence.mp3
11 mins
Easter 2020 Merkaba Christ Consciousness Meditation
Easter 2020 Merkaba Christ Consciousness Meditation.mp4
48 mins